This course is about building and automating your processes. Why is that important? Because you can’t scale your property management services unless your systems and processes are automated, predictable, and efficient.

As a property manager, your whole business is about client services and that makes process automation even more critical if you’re going to help your customers succeed. We’re here so you can give an amazing customer experience to your clients even as you grow.

What's in the course?

Mindset is everything and that is just as true about your systems and processes. We won’t just show you how to build processes in this course. We’ll show you to build better ones that actually improve the service you can provide your clients. The course is not just about LeadSimple, though you’ll learn a lot about how to use it. Instead, you’ll walk away with a simple, yet powerful, framework for building processes throughout your whole business even if you don’t choose LeadSimple. But if you’re not a LeadSimple, sign up for a trial anyways to follow along with the assignments. Who knows, you might just like it 😉

How to use this course

A course isn’t any good if you don’t learn anything right? Here’s a few things to remember as you go through it.

We're going to start off with the very basics, and then become slightly more advanced as we go.

Watch the lessons in order. The content builds on itself so you’ll learn better if you watch them one by one.

Follow along and complete the assignments. There’s nothing like learning on the job right? We’re all strong believers in learning by doing and you’ll get so much more from the course if you follow along with the assignments.

We’re starting with the basics, but as we go, we’ll come back around to enhance and add the automations that really make sense.

In the end, our goal is to help you be able to sit back and watch your business run because your processes are built to scale.


You'll take your process all the way from prototype to production.

  • 1

    A Framework for Processes

    • Introduction

    • #1: Structuring Your Process

    • #2: Defining Your Stages

  • 2

    Building Your Process in LeadSimple

    • #3: Creating A Process Type

    • #4: Building Stages & Adding Steps

    • #5: Adding Step Modifiers

    • #6: Setting up PMSync

  • 3

    Running & Managing Processes

    • #7: Triggering Processes

    • #8: Using Tasks

    • #9: Emailing, Calling & Texting

    • #10: Conclusion

Your Instructors

Learn a little about the minds behind the course.

Lead UX/UI Designer

Matthew B.

Matthew is the lead designer for LeadSimple. He's mainly responsible for designing new features with the product team and pushing constant improvements to the software to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Customer Success Manager

Aimee B.

Aimee is a customer success manager for LeadSimple. She's responsible for managing projects and developing initiatives with the customer success team that will help drive our customers to new heights of success.

Head of Customer Success

Zach B.

Zach is the head of customer success at LeadSimple. As such, he manages the success team and is involved in the strategy and delivery of customer success throughout the business.