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Helping property managers learn LeadSimple

This is the start of a collection of courses designed to help property managers scale their businesses. The courses will teach you how to use LeadSimple for various use cases and explain the "why" behind it in the process.


To kick off LeadSimple "University" we have a pilot course on building processes. More to come...

Frequently asked questions

Wondering how to enroll or how much the courses cost?

  • What do the courses cost? All of our available courses are free!
  • How do I enroll? You can enroll in any of our courses here.
  • Do I need a LeadSimple account to enroll? No, a LeadSimple account is not required to enroll and take our courses. Courses are a great way to learn more about LeadSimple if you're looking to purchase it!
  • I'm not a property manager; are these courses for me? Yes! While these courses focus on property management use cases, many of the principles are applicable to other industries as well.

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